01 May 2024

From an Agriculturalist Boy to an Advocate

Na. Palani Deepan's From an Agriculturalist Boy to an Advocate is a book having collection of many anecdotes from his life. The sublime style of the writing makes the reader to get involved much in the subject. 

He meticulously shares so many incidents from school days to till date. In the Preface he says that the book is not made of pure gold called Truth. It categorically expresses the open mindset of the author. Of the 34 chapters, many are very interesting and informative. 

The background for his reading habit will make one wonder. He says that he came across the Vanavasam of Kannadasan, while studying VII std and continued reading it many times. Having much impressed through it, he wrote many of his school examinations in simple style, he adds.

After passing in +2, midst of abject poverty, he took much pain to join B.A., (Tamil Literature) in the University of Madras, through correspondence. In the meantime he started taking tuition to students to meet the monthly fees for both English and Tamil typewriting. He reminiscences the good hearted persons who were very helpful in shaping him, with gratitude.             

Now, it is the turn of joining Law School in Madras. The repeat of his struggle. With much effort he gets admission in Law College of Madras and with the magnanimous help of friends continues his journey. He proudly records that as an agriculturist boy he studied, became a lawyer in the same Madras College, was the first graduate from his village to study Law, and then became an advocate. Without strong will this would not have been possible. He proclaims that, by facing the insults and wounds and succeeding boldly, he made Varuna Dharma bow before him. 

He speaks from his heart that for this profession study and practice are very necessary.  Through his legal career, he feels satisfied that poor people and their families are benefitted. 

His search for his better half would arise a surprise among the readers.  As he says like a good wife, good friends are a blessing.  

He opines on many topics and shares his view. They include Tamil language and religion are inseparable, Dravidian movement was the primary reason for his interest in Tamil,  the happiness of life lies in handling relationships carefully, friends are those with whom one can share private things that cannot be shared with wife, like keeping good friends and friendship selecting and reading the books is an art, and those people who are having smoking and drinking habits are playing with disease and death. The list is endless.    

He talks about Tirukkural with much involvementTo him, learning to ride a bicycle is an achievement and learning to swim is a thrill. He analyses his connection with the political parties with the relevant background.  

The author expresses with boldness his memorable moments of his life, for which he has to be appreciated. While reading the book one would feel that the author is exemplary, so as to emulate. 

Na.Palani Deepan, From an Agricultural boy to an Advocate, Palani Publishers, 47/8A, Bharathiyar Street, Arni 632 301, Tamil Nadu, February 2024, Rs.130, Mobile:  98427 05710